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Full Version: Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria Black screen
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Well since i'm basically screwed i'll HAVE to make dew with the crap i have.
Well the issue is I downloaded VP2 about 8 times because the .rars kept coming in corrupted.I can't find a clear download anywhere and asking here apparently only gets my head chewed off Blush.Everytime i launch it it's laggy. The intro movie is laggy so i skip it and forward to the main menu. I'm brought with 3 options , new game , load game and options but i've owned this game before.I noticed something instantly wrong though after i skipped to it. The music-box - like jinggle was missing from the main tittle screen.I figured since the rar was corrupted this was part of the issue.No it only gets worse.After hitting new game i'm met with what i call the black screen of death.As if the disk was greatly damaged and could no longer play.Just a black screen. No sound effects , no nothing. At first i thought it was lag but then i came to the realization that it could be because the .rar was corrupt.

On a side note i managed to force the corrupted iso out of the rar with 7zip.
What should i do?
We already told you we don't support piracy.
Is that too hard to understand ?