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Full Version: the warriors pal
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hi just joined i bought the warriors pal version
today and the movies seem to be a bit laggy and in game im
only getting 25 to 30 fps so game seems running slow
my specs
athlon 64x2 4200+ 2.21ghz
2 gig of ddr2 ram
512mb geforce 8500gt
sata harddrive 160gig
can anyone tell me how i can sort this lag out or will
it be a pcsx2 team work
and before u say its my processor i turned it up to 2.6ghz
and frames was 26 to 28 so not much differnce clocking my processor to a athlon x2 5000+
and process was neally 100 on my original settings and when i clocked it to 2.6ghz
the process was bout 68 to 70 percent
can anyone conform they have had a steady fps with warriors