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Full Version: Mega Man Anniversary Collection: Issues and Solutions
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Hey, all. I was having some trouble with Mega Man Anniversary Collection, and I figured I'd share my solutions while asking others what their best setups are.

1) Stretched Image - Forcing the 4:3 Aspect Ratio seems to solve this problem best. However, please note that there doesn't seem to be a solution to Atomic Planet's screen cropping.

2) Random Crashes - Doing a CDVD Boot (full) seems to prevent this from happening. (And, hey, it's only an extra 12 seconds; Well worth it.)

So, those are my solutions. If anyone has some extra stuff to add, I'd love to know how to make this compilation run at its best!
Thanks. Could you put it in the wiki since that is the whole point of it:

It would be great if, you could also mention this in the Public compatibility list.