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Full Version: Wild Arms 3 Visual Problem
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Hello and good day to all. I am new to the forums. I am trying to play wild arms 3 using pcsx2 1.2.1. It work properly, the problem is that when i get into the train scene with a girl. i cannot seem to see the visual appearance of that girl or any other character. like all i can see is a transparent shadow. Is there a config/tweak/ to this? thank you so much in advance for helping a new guy out. Cheers to all!
I got it to work by enabling Native Resolution in Video Plugins settings. Thanks to this forum. Laugh cheers!
I think there was a certain hw hack specifically for this game. Maybe that might help on upscaled resolutions.
There is a specific hack, but it's not for this type of problem.
Thank you for the replies. Any settings or config/tweaks you may provide would be appreciated. I have a 1920x1080 resolution in my monitor. I wish i can set it to a medium-high settings in terms of graphics. The reason for this is for me to test if my PC can cope up with the game graphics. Thanks guys.