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Full Version: RSOD After Modding
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I have GTA Liberty City Stories, and i saw many vids including the Hunter, VCN Maverick and such. Anyway, i found a Debug Menu for Both PS2 and PSP. It includes a file named MAIN.SCM and i had to replace it. So, i did with PowerISO, and save. But after replacing the file i get a Red Screen of Death. Any ideas?
PowerISO isn't a very good tool for modifying PS2 iso's as all the irx files have to come first on the disc, so it probably broke the LBA addresses.

Unless somebody else knows some tricks with it, you're better off using apache
Thankfully, i created a backup. Thanks for letting me know, as soon as i get results i'll announce it
Aaaaaand the announcement is GOOD! Thanks toyou, now i can spawn hidden vehicles,! Thanks alot man, here's a screen to prove it:
No problems Smile
Before any lock takes place, i have another question, but off-topic. I have no sound at all :\
Config> audio> plugin setting> configure> wasapi exclusive mode

We also don't lock threads unless you ask or break the rules.
I got it to work now, thanks. Lock this topic. Smile