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Full Version: Jak and Daxter weird blurry effect
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If you look closely you'll see that it looks like the image of the entire screen is vibrating very fast, to produce a weird blur. When I pause the game this effect stops. Got any ideas to fix it?

It might not look too bad in the picture but trust me, in-game it feels like I'm drunk or having a seizure or something, it's incredibly annoying.
try a different interlace mode ?
I've tried all of them, they either don't fix it, make it worse or make the screen shake noticeably and violently Blink
Maybe skipdraw hack set to 1 could help ?
What about software mode ?
It definitely sounds like an interlacing issue to me though...
I suspect the skipdraw will probably fix it, it looks like an ingame blur effect to hide the low resolution, kind of like Final Fantasy X
I just can't see it myself :/ (On my own rig. I can see it in the screenshot)

Maybe my eyes are even worse than I thought Tongue2
if you make sure you zoom in on the image and look at the outline of Jak, he's quite blurry Tongue not a lot of definition
What if you ran the game at more than native res. perhaps 6x if you can?
(06-09-2015, 11:56 AM)Masheen Wrote: [ -> ]What if you ran the game at more than native res. perhaps 6x if you can?

If you have a matrix of 4K screens 6x native would be a really good idea...
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