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Full Version: Snowblind Progress
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Hi everyone, been using PCSX2 on and off for years, but this is my first time posting. I remember not too long ago someone finally went in and figured out exactly what was causing the half-screen bug in Snowblind engine games. I was hoping we could get an update on whether this issue was being investigated, and if there was potentially a fix in the works. Either way, thanks for this awesome piece of software.
Yeah there's a fix.
I think you need to come back in a couple of days. I have the feeling that we will get soon a new stable release... Snowblind fix is still not merged if I am not wrong.
Download a version from here: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-GSdx-2-0

It is a beta build but should contain the Snowblind fixes.
OMG I'm at work but I will try this out as soon as I get home. If this works you guys will be my heroes.
This build could have some issue in native resolution (fixed in latest git). Otherwise it must be fine.
I can honestly say I saw this and yelled out loud I was so happy Laugh I noticed the compatibility list hasn't been updated for Champions: Return to Arms (not sure of other snowblind games) since version 1.1.0 (and idk how it was marked playable then as you had half a screen in hardware and I get 40fps top with 6 extra rendering threads in software) but I am eager to retry playing this and a few of my other snowblind games when I get home Laugh (my lappy is a joke lol I need the desktop power Tongue )
Playability is not governed by speed or requiring hardware, as long as the game works in some configuration, at any speed, it is classed as playable
Oh I see... Well i think that is kind of inaccurate as at least to me 35-40 FPS isn't playable, especially whenever you use a skill it dips to like 25 but if that is how it's setup then I guess I can't judge Tongue I'm just psyched it might be playable by my definition!! Laugh (I still haven't been home to try it yet Tongue )
To squeeze out some extra performance disable widescreen hacks and zoom all the way in with the right stick to minimize the rendering area.
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