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Full Version: Scarlet Crush Productions Problem Help Please!
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Ok so I have been playing with pcsx2 for a while and have been using Scarlet Crush for my DS3 controller the whole time. It worked perfectly (besides when I would have to remap the buttons every time I closed pcsx2).
But I didn't play for a while once and the controller didn't work with Scarlet Crush so I had to redo all of the installing and what not and it worked perfectly once again after that. But after not playing for a while again, the controller stopped working with Scarlet Crush.
The controller doesn't show up as devices on the device manager, it shows up as "unspecified". Also, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Scarlet Crush several times. I deleted the xbox360 drivers and reinstalled them again, but didn't help.
The controller will react when i install Scarlet Crush but the LEDs will just flash and not connect to the computer.
Also I tried changing the usbs I was using everytime to see if there would be a differnce between USB 3.0 or not.
Need help, I just want to play Silent Hill 2 Sad