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Full Version: Slow Performance/Looking for Helpful Advice
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After 2 days of trial and error with every setting I could find, Youtube configs included, I managed to get the games mentioned below running at a pleasant 58-60+ in menus, however, it chugs at a sluggish pace of 38-48 fps during any real in-game action which is almost unplayable.

The games tested are various Armored Core games (AC 2, AA, 3, and SL), and they all seem to run similarly. Fantasic in menus, decent during FMV's (audio is rough), and a lot of framerate ups and down (mostly downs) during general gameplay. At this point, I'm not capable of increasing these framerates on my own with any setting configs I'm aware of. As I'm on a laptop, overclocking is likely out of the question as well.

For what it's worth, here are my specs:
Asus K75D Notebook Series
Windows 8
CPU: AMD A10-4600M APU w/Radeon graphics, 2.3Ghz (quad core)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7660G - 7670M Dual Graphics

Tested with all post-processing effects off, auto interlacing, with similar results across each native setting-- from native up to 3x native.

With PCSX2 supporting a maximum of 3 cores, and poor performance from the 2.3 quad core processor, am I basically doomed to play these games while sitting at my PC until I pick up something with a 3.4+ CPU? Is 3.4 (duo/quad) the speed to aim for? Thanks in advance!
Armored core is super demanding, your processor isn't sufficient to play the demanding scenes at a good speed. It would be better if you pick a processor based on it's single thread performance rather than core count.
As you can see here : https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu...-4600M+APU&id=10
your CPU Single Thread performance is 1008.
Search a CPU with a STP above 1600 (maybe 1700 for AC games)
Ahh, ok, thanks a lot for the replies ssakash and jesalvein, all signs now point clearly to my relatively underpowered processor (a factor I can't really change at this point).

Portability is super important to me, as I do a ton of flying/living away from my home and desktop pc. If I were to look into getting a laptop capable of handling games such as the AC series on PCSX2, what kind of mobile CPU would I be looking for? I'm guessing the most affordable i7 model? I realize that a laptop capable of running PCSX2 with demanding games wouldn't be very cheap.
Get any laptop processor with single thread performance over 1800 and you're good to go.