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Full Version: GTA: SA graphics problem
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Hi, whenever I play GTA: SA in pcsx2, I get a weird graphics problem. As you can see in the screenshot here, there seems to be a larger screen, more pixelated image of whatever is in the view. This happens using both dx9 and dx10 versions of GSDX (0.1.14). I've tried a lot of different configurations and none of them seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas? Other than this, I can play the game fine.
what settings do you have for gsdx?
Download Pcsx2 0.9.6 Installer and you will have ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.
Thats the Best graphic plugin.
actually gsdx is the best graphics plugin since it's more current (zerogs might work but it's not current) Mellow and it's more compatible
Thanks for the replies guys. These are the options I am currently using in gsdx10. the options i use in gsdx9 are identical. As for using ZeroGS, it gives me the same problem.
I don't think it is a problem with my disc or ISO, as i tried a friends copy and got the exact same results.
Has anyone else gotten this problem and found a solution?
What graphics card are you using?
Nvidia 8800 GTS 320mb
try setting the nloop hack option. Mellow

btw pcsx2 devs (or gabest), what is the nloop hack? Mellow Unsure
ok, your graphics card should be good enough to allow you to run without forcing native resolution. If you are playing on a normal 4:3 monitor, run at 1024x768 resolution at first, 1280x1024 if that runs smoothly. If you run at 16:9 um...use a widescreen resolution, not sure what those are. I think 1280x768 is one. That should greatly clear up any images.
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