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Full Version: Metal gear solid: 3 Subsistence
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I was wondering if MGS3 would get any faster for me then 5 FPS on my comp

CPU AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core

Ram 2GB

Video card: Geforce 7050

thats pretty much the key features.
Faster than ~5fps. Ya.
Speedhacks. Frameskip.
(03-22-2009, 12:09 AM)Trigun Wrote: [ -> ]Faster than ~5fps. Ya.
Speedhacks. Frameskip.

Finally! some one answers. TY. so how about 30? no? I just wanna know before i start fiddleing with it. otherwise im just goinf to delete pcsx2. And i can only play castlevania at 8FPS with framskip
MGS3 has some extremely demanding rendering in certain areas.
I never ran that particular game on my old x2 6000 so I couldn't give you an accurate estimation.

I would think you could attain well over 30 with enough speedhacks/frameskip etc.. on.
As I say with most stuff, try it and see.
I have C2D E6550 @ 3,4 GHz + Radeon 1950gt, but still the FPS goes down to 40 in some areas (with VU skipping 3 frames every time, all hacks, etc.). So it`s pretty unplayable.
ATI != Nvidia