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Full Version: FPS is being buried into the ground.
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Morning, It's 2am here on the East Coast.

I have done most of my emulation, and I am new to PCSX2. I have done a lot of reading through the site, and even have the basic configuration sticky printed out because my eye balls were being burnt out of my melon starring into the monitor.

I am running a P4 @ 3.0GHz and a Radeon x700 pro.

(bear with me and the amount of typing that is to come)

Pixel 2
No interlacing
Native D3D
texture filtering, Logarithmic Z, Alpha correction.

EERec on
VU0rec on
VU1rec on
Multi threaded GS mode on
Framing - Limited
Detailed Setting remaining at their default of all '0'


I have some ps2 games burnt into ISO's and being mounted with alchy 120% on a ghost drive. Upon playing most games, when the screen is black I am golden at 60fps. As soon as sound or video comes up, it bumps down to 20-30FPS and everything gets choppy.

If more information is needed, please let me know.

At this point any information would help. If screenies are needed to comprehend this much information at once, let me know and I will repost below.

Thank all for your time and patience!

well that cpu is weak to play a 3D game (or maybe almost all games) good on pcsx2, plus probably that gpu wouldn't help much, so if you want to get faster speed you could either set some speedhacks or buy a newer pc.

offtopic: you don't "burn" cd's/dvd's into an iso (that's called ripping Tongue)
My cpu does fine with PC games out of the box, ex. World of Warcraft, Spore, Command and Conquer Series, Civ4, Company of Heroes etc and it seems to run most of them at an above average speed.
well pcsx2 is a beast compared to those monsters Tongue
Ok, well thank you for the help. I guess it's back to metal slug now.
(03-22-2009, 08:13 AM)Ducky Wrote: [ -> ]Upon playing most games, when the screen is black I am golden at 60fps. As soon as sound or video comes up, it bumps down to 20-30FPS and everything gets choppy.

Very simple. Your video card is old. I mean that in the nicest possible way. I'll say it nicer: Old Crap. Sorry. I guess that's as nice as it gets.

There is nothing you nor I can do about old crap video cards. Replace that video card with something newer (say even a current modern day budget-bin $40 Geforce card, which would technically qualify as aging crud, perhaps), and you should see a substantial improvement. Enable the INTC Hack, and use the latest beta releases, and there should even be several older PS2 games which will run reasonably well on your system at that point, namely 2D and isometric 3D RPGs and such, and maybe a few other titles if they don't do some of the evil things PS2 games are known to do which complicate our job as an emulator 10-fold.

But don't expect much beyond that. The PS2 is in fact a very powerful system, and one that runs a lot of parallel cpus -- emulation of any system requires a lot of overhead on top of what you see, and emulation of a system that has a lot of parallel processing requires even more overhead. Pcsx2 can only dream of having life so easy as that of our paltry little PC games. Wink .. So there's only so much a P4 3.0ghz can accomplish.
Good call, I will look into more Video Cards.