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Full Version: best configuration for kingdom hearts?
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Hi ppl....

i was wondering...if anyobdy knows whats the best config to play kingdom hearts at the best speed possible, but also not by ruining too much the graphics..

system specs:
CPU:Intel dual core
Ram: 2gb
VideoSaddont laugh) intel 4500M
Windows vista
Pcsx config:
Graphics gsdx 890 SSE2 0.1.14
Sound p.e.o.p.s spu 2 9.0
cdvd:Linuzappz iso 0.7.0

thank u =)
you'll be able to run it at fullspeed (probably without speed hacks) since i was able to play it almost fullspeed on an Intel Pentium D at probably 1.60Ghz or 2.0GHz (can't remember). Smile (and i was using pcsx2 0.9.5rev377 at that time)
hmm do u mean that if i remove the speed hacks it may run faster??.. btw i get like 30-40 fps in for example...im right now at hollow bastion.. but i really hate it when it slows dow T_T and in closed areas i DO get60 fps, but only there... what is big areas or places with lots of furniture and etc... i get low fps...
(03-22-2009, 10:58 AM)maurymart Wrote: [ -> ]hmm do u mean that if i remove the speed hacks it may run faster??
i didn't mean that, i meant that you might not have to put the speed hacks.

hmm what cpu is that? (just intel dual core isn't enough) Mellow
intel pentium dual CPU t3200 2.00 ghz 2.00ghz

I think its bad =s
if you're able to overclock that cpu to at least 3GHz then you might get it fullspeed (but don't know how it would affect that laptop of yours)
hmmm yeah thats what worries me T_T if not i would have allready done it
well you could try using it on dx10 if you have vista installed. Smile
problem is that when i try to use that mode, the screen just flashes black and returns to normal and keeps doing it until system restarts XD, and i allready installed newest directx and reinstalled it, i also reinstalled my drivers..
any ideas??

ohh and.. my video card does support dx 10
(03-22-2009, 11:25 AM)maurymart Wrote: [ -> ]ohh and.. my video card does support dx 10
yea i know (that's why i suggested it Tongue)

did you also try with zerogs?
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