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Full Version: EE/IOP crashing computer, 0.9.6
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emulator randomly crash my computer when i play, everything just freeze and have to reboot. But after unchecking "EERec - EE/IOP somethingsomething" it works fine ("fine" means w/o crashes, but with 10-12 FPSs :=)). I was trying to search google and forum but i found nothing. Is there a way to fix this somehow? Its pain in the ass when i got 60fps, everything works fine and BAH, freeze after 10 minutes :<

im using 0.9.6, and my comp specs

intel core 2 duo E8500 @ 3.16
gigabyte EP45-DS3L
nvidia 9800 gt
win XP pro

ive got latest drivers and directx
Most likely overheating problems. Check your temperatures with a tool like core temp,if they get too high you need better cooling. It could also be bad drivers...or general system instability. Certainly not PCSX2's fault though...
Pcsx2 beta 831 solved my problem, its not freezing now.