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Full Version: Lilypad sensitivity question
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If I set the sensitivity of an axis to say 0.7 does that mean my total range of motion is reduced? i.e. pushing the analog stick all the way to the left is different depending on the sensitivity setting.
the less the value the more sensitive the axis will be (that's all i can say Tongue)
I just multiply the raw value I get from the control by the sensitivity. For absolute axis, these values range from not pressed to fully down, so a value of 0.7 would transform fully down to 70% pressed.

For relative axes, like mice, this isn't the case. The raw value I get is based on the number of pixels moved, and can be greater than "fully down". I believe the default sensitivity transforms like 2 or 3 pixels of movement (?) to being completely pressed. Raw Input and Windows Messaging modes use one value, DirectInput uses another, as I can't tell the difference between, say, DirectInput mouse movement and mouse wheel movement. For these axes, setting a sensitivity lower than 1 doesn't decrease the range of movement, just means you have to move them faster for them to be completely pressed.

Edit: Also, just for future reference, questions solely about plugins should be in the plugin forum.