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Full Version: Can't Run Star Ocean - Till the End of Time
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hi dude i have Star Ocean - Till the End of Time. but it 2 dvd ver. i try to play it but pcsx2 0.96.0 report abot vtle error (or someting sorry i can't remember it) i open the dvd folder it's have just 3 file ? but i check about disk space it have 4.36GB i think the problem becouse my games or somting? so u guy can u play this games and what about your file? it's like me or not?

[Image: i8ze2.jpg]

p.s. sorry 4 my poor englishBlush
This has been asked a billion times before. Check the tri ace game fix and press start after you boot it and get a black screen. It's all in the configuration guide which you did not bother reading.