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Full Version: Small problem in CV: CoD
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I was playing it with almost no problems (slowdowns but no fps drop, when a lot of effects such as sparklies were on screen) But when I finally got to be able to make the laser blade but it isn't there. The hilt is fine, but the blade itself isnt showing up. Is there any fix? I am using 1.2.1, tried latest 1.3.1 but it's asking for a dll and I have the redistributable installed. I don't even know if the effect for Death's scythe works, haven't gotten that far yet.
You need to install VS 2015 x86 redist for the latest builds.
Yea. I installed the x64 since i am on a 64bit machine. Thanks though. Now I got my laser blade Laugh
Yeah I don't know why that hasn't been updated yet on orphis' website. It's been 4 days since he said he was going to fix it. Shouldn't take that long to change one line lol.