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Full Version: Rogue Galaxy Seed Fight Black Screen (USING THE DISK DVD)
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Ive been trying to relive my god damn childhood only to be interupted by the Dual Layer BS, downloading the game is not an option for me as im using the ps2 disk in my pc, i have made an account for the soul reason of making this sucker work. Please send help. Sorry for being a lameo.
can't you dump your DVD into an iso ?
How does one do that my child
While i am downloading said aplication how does this help me continue on in the game.
this will help you tunring your DVD into an ISO.
if your DVD reader is capable of reading dual layer DVDs (if your DVD reader is older that year 2005, maybe it won't), your iso will contain both layers, thus probably make your error vanish
Do i burn a image from the disk (Thats what im doing now) and if so what do i do next
once you created your image from the disc, just launch the iso file you created from pcsx2 and voilĂ