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Full Version: Persona 3 frozen playing FMVs
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I'm playing Persona 3, and it seems whenever an FMV cutscene should play the game gets stuck on a black screen. It does accept input, so maybe stuck isn't the right word, and I can press start to skip the movie and keep playing, but I would like to be able to play without having to stop once in awhile to find a youtube video to see what I missed. Also, oddly enough, the demo/title fmv plays out fine.

It logs this error when the fmv should play

EE: Unrecognized op 4150001
DEC ERROR(FF000F40): = Skip to the next picture =
DEC ERROR(FF000F40): = Skip to the next picture =

I'm using the last stable release, 1.2.1. Any help would be appreciated.
Rerip your ISO with imgburn.
Ok, I've already skipped passed. I'll reburn and try it out with the next fmv.
I've tried it with a new imgburn image, and I get the same errors Sad.
care to post the full emulog.txt you get after a crash ?
Your settings would also be useful.