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Full Version: Which preset setting do you use ... ?
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Hi to those who respond here.  Which preset setting do you use in PCSX2 1.2.1?  I haven't been using any preset settings on my PC (everything is set to "default") since I get good framerates for most of my PS2 games (save for one or two games that are demanding), but I thought I'd try using the preset settings.  Before I do, though, I'd like to know what everyone's preference (e.g. # 1 or # 3) or is, as well as what their experiences have been (versus the default settings).  Thanks in advance.
It would be hard to get "everyone's" preference, but I find 4 to work well for the vast majority of games.
I think presets are intended for newbies who don't know what the certain function does and what they should choose for optimal behavior.

why do you want others opinion of which presets they are using ? for more accuracy in emulation (or) for more speed ?

Thanks!  And you're one of the programmers for PCSX2, too, so your input is particularly helpful.


More speed while keeping as much accuracy as possible for the games that I do own and play.  Thanks.
(12-16-2015, 05:08 PM)Omnimaxus Wrote: [ -> ]More speed while keeping as much accuracy as possible for the games that I do own and play.  Thanks.

If you want accuracy you should probably disable all the speedhacks . if that isn't fast enough then you can try enabling the recommended hacks, if the speed still isn't enough you could probably try playing with the EE cyclerate / VU stealing options to try influencing the speed according to your preference.
Decided to go with # 3 for the time being while in software mode only. Seems to work fine. I'll experiment with # 4 later. Thanks to everyone.