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Full Version: Ubuntu and gamepad compatibility - recommend please
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I have a 'Jetion' gamepad and it is not recognized in Ubuntu 15.10. All I get is:

new low-speed USB device number 22 using xhci_hcd
[ 2565.831813] usb 1-4: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 2566.036020] usb 1-4: Device not responding to setup address.
[ 2566.239726] usb 1-4: device not accepting address 22, error -71

jstest-gtk recognized only my accelerometer as /dev/input/js0

I want to buy compatible gamepad. Could you please recommend compatible gamepads or what is the safest bet to be able to play pcsx2 with the gamepad in Ubuntu.
Your best gamepad is an ordinary ps2 controller with a separately sold usb adapter. Works perfectly for me. Ebay has what you need.
I whouldve guessed that all xinput devices are nicely supported.

I guess you should just get one from a larger company. The larger the userbase the better the support.

(I like xbox controller so i would go for that. Also they seem to work with ubuntu)

Most of the time wired controller are less troublesome than bluetooth/wireless devices. So better get a wired one if you dont need portability.
I bought this one for 10$ and it's working great out of box in Ubuntu 15.10