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Full Version: Blank television screens in Yakuza 2
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Weird issue in Yaluza 2. I use the "Alpha + skipdraw 1" fix, that fixes the excessive bloom ghosting. Now I am ... about halfway in the game, and there is a sequence with a few in-game television screens. And they are blank. The characters are talking about what's happening on them, but they are blank.

Turning off Alpha and skipdraw solves it, but then you have the bloom problem. Software mode also solves it, so I just started switching to software mode whenever there is a television onscreen. Super convenient with my nifty new Dualshock 4 and DS4Windows Smile

Still - just thought I'd mention it.
Have you tried using the Blending Unit Accuracy, Hardware Depth or Accurate Date options of OpenGL in one of the latest git releases to see if they can solve the bloom ghosting?
FlatOut - I just set Blending Accuracy to Full, then tried all combinations of Hardware Depth and Accuracy Depth. It had no effect on the bloom ghosting. I can provide you with a memcard save right before a cutscene where the ghosting is very noticeable.

Edit: ... and which also has the TV screen issue.
Please do attach the memory card save. Also Can you give an example of bloom ghosting with opengl mode? If I remember correctly opengl mode with hardware depth enabled more or less fixed the bloom issue in this game and there is no need of alpha and skip draw anymore.
Here you go. You can see a bloom halo above the chief of police's head, and above the collars of the two guys in the foreground. But the most egregious is of course the bloom bar running down the right side of the screen.

Link to memcard sent as PM.