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Full Version: Possible to configure snaps image format output?
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I may just be missing it somewhere in the configuration, but right now each snapshot is a 10mb bmp file. If you take a lot of snapshots, that adds up fast. Can the format and/or compression be changed?
I guess the devs can eventually add a feature where you can choose between PNG files (since that's better than JPG quality) or the uncompressed BMP files that's currently being used. Priority for this will probably be quite low though. Personally I just use Bandicam now to take my screenshots, which automatically saves it as PNG.
On linux it is png by default (except if you disable it at compilation)
Hope something is implemented then (for windows). BMP files are good for certain things but a less resource intensive format would also be nice to have.
The code is (mostly?) cross platform and relies on 2 png libraries. It just misses someone to do it.
GSdx (Windows) saves snapshots as PNGs in one of my branches. Tongue2

So it'll be done soon.
Did you use png++? Or did you rewrite the code to use libpng directly?
I just used png++.