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Full Version: Questions about v-sync, frame limiting, savestates, and Persona 4 (unrelated)
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I've started really using PCSX2 and I have a few questions...

1) Why does turning on v-sync make my CPU usage go from around 20% to 99%? (I'm using GSdx 890 and have also tried 841 [the latest SVN])

2) Which frame limiting option is the best? I'm have a beefy system (4.2 GHz), so most of the time I'm running at the full 60 FPS with only 20% CPU, but there are a few random times when slowdowns occur as well.

3) Do you need to use a specific video plugin when loading a savestate? (eg. if I created the savestate with GSdx do I need to load it with GSdx?) Also, I'm a bit worried about using them because the latest SVN version gave me an error when I tried to load one specific savestate (something about mgts) so I guess it got corrupted.

4) Finally, when using GSdx with Persona 4 I get flickering floors. Is there any way to solve this? I also get pretty extreme slowdown during the initial fog battles (I'm not sure if this exists throughout the rest of the game).

Sorry for so many questions!