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Full Version: Just a quick question!
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How big is the chance that those games that are uncompatible (green / orange color) will get compatible?

(i'm ref to Harry potter and the chamber of secrets in this case)

thx in advance!
Depends. Prafull found recently a lot of hacks to make games playable from nothing or menu. Often these games just need a tiny tweak before they are playable. If you want you can request a fix for this game if is not available so far. Here is his thread.

Unfortunately not all games are fixable atm. (E.g. require eyetoy, online servers, ...)
Thx for the anwser Laugh
some games might work now even though they're not listed as playable or ingame.
The list doesn't get updated so often.
I'd love to play Harry potter 2 and 3 again too, hope they will run on PCSX2 some day
Iirc they had pc ports as well. Although i dont know their quality. Maybe getting these ports for some $ is a better approach?
(01-06-2016, 09:31 AM)willkuer Wrote: [ -> ]Iirc they had pc ports as well.

not HP2
Harry Potter has VIF issues, mostly. We recently discovered ps2autotests that can be used to fix a few problems we still have with VIF.
If everything goes well, the game might become playable this year. Fingers crossed Smile
Excellent ! Could boot it
Hi! Any news about this game? Thanks in advance.
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