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Full Version: need a Xinput wrapper for ipega bluetooth controller
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I have this ipega PG-9023 bluetooth controller where I can slide my Windows tablet in, but I need an xinput wrapper for some games like Skyrim or Fallout 3.
I already tried x360ce but it doesn't seem to work.

Are there alternatives?

The bluetooth controller is recogniced as dinput device.
It does work, this guy goes in depth on how to do it. Wished he would swallow though:

The controller is a thing.
Its receiver driver is another.
How that reports the first to the OS is another one.
And ultimately how the game retrieves actions is different too.

Now, for the first three things I'd keep normal official drivers.
And the question now is: what API is it using?
Btw. lilypad works with dinput without wrapper.
did it the same way the guy did it, I start to assume that Windows 10 might be the problem, or the DS4Win driver I had installed is interrupting somehow.

and the API its using is dinput I believe, it didn't came with any drivers.

Its being recognized as 3 devices: gaming controller, keyboard (for multimedia buttons) and mouse
Which I guess is as I would expect in this case and I guess means the right driver is working.
Now: which the hell of API is this controller supporting?

After having checked the website (it actually sucks) and the net I guess I can say: not XInput.
Skyrim and Fallout 3 are indeed making use of that.

X360ce is the thing you are looking for. And it always worked since the dawn of time.
If you are still tentative, please notice how your controller is explicitly mentioned between those confirmed to work.

So, said all of this I can only guess: did you update directx?
Did you put the required Xinput1_3.dll iand xi360ce.ini n the games executables folders?