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Full Version: CDVD Linuz plugin
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in latest git cdvd linuz plugin is gone. is it deleted?  thanks
It seems to be go from quite a while but it's inside the 1.4.0 binary which is actually v1.3.1-1620-g165d286
oh no... i should decompress all my iso's Sad. i didn't know it was deleted. thank you for answer
You can load iso's and compressed isos with the internal iso loader.

v1.2.1-563-gf7192b8 seems to be the last one providing the plugin while
v1.2.1-565-gc89e703 is the first one without this plugin.

Not sure if those are reliable (increasing) revisions numbers though.
It's not deleted,it's just not added to the git(it is in 1.4.0)and according to the modified date,it seems nothing is done to it more than 5 months)
Maybe the devs think it's not needed anymore since pcsx2 have build in iso loader and also loading compressed images was also added(but probably not linuz compressed images)