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Full Version: Fullscreen Slowdown until unfocused
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I was tinkering around with settings trying to get SotC to run smoother and I noticed that once I alt tabbed to bring the pcsx2 gui window up my framerate improved dramatically, ie. no slowdown/stuttering.  The moment I clicked on the fullscreen window again the slowdown returned.  If i didn't return focus to the game window  by just minimizing the pcsx2 window it retained the good framerate.  Not using any speed hacks, windows 10 skylake cpu.  I'm using the OpenGL driver.  I'm assuming the screen is borderless window because the gui stayed on top of the "fullscreen" pcsx2 emulation when I alt tabbed. If thats the case then what gives?  I'm confused.
Vsync, if you have it enabled when focused on the screen it kills frame rate.