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Full Version: DEV9ghzdrk psx2 1.4.0
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Hello my name is Iasagi, i been a user of psx2 for many months, and i never tried to go online till i found out about  .hack//fragment private servers, so i decided to give it a shot, i was lead here


it told me i needed a DEV9ghzdrk  plugin so i go on the psx2 site and i find a " Dev9ghzdrk- 1.4rel dll " file, i download it and what not and drop it into my plugin folder i launch the PSX2  app, and go to plugin/bios and try to use that plugin but it is not there  here is some photos showing  i have it and it not being there

i will box in my path and the file to make it easier on people.

you need to download and install winpcap, the plugin wont work without it

if it still doesn't work, can you post your pcsx2 log for us to check please
Alright i think i installed it i wll uninstall and reinstall and if it does nto work ill post the log, thanks for the speedy reply im like super eager to play this game again =^,..,^=
Hope you get it working Smile
Sweet!! this was a bit lacking on my part, i accidently missed a line while reading the guide for .hack//fragment and it said it might encounter bugs to just reinstall it DX if i read that i might have not wasted your time haha xD anywho man i greatly appreciate your help now i am one step closer to reclaiming my .Hack character even if noone playes the private server x,x xD
awesome! good luck and enjoy your game! if you get it working! lol