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Full Version: Spoilers on the wiki
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Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I was just wondering if this is a good idea. I was just checking the compatibility page for Shadow Hearts: Covenant and I believe, since I don't want to fully read it since I never finished the game, under the trivia section that it spoils both endings to the game. I was just wondering if this should be changed since I don't see why it should really be there in the first place. Seems like it could potentially ruin the game for people who check it out.
Agreed, that shouldn't be there, or at least be invisible initially with a spoiler tag.


Maybe bositman can install this for the wiki..
Give it a try I think it works
Why does that even need to exist in the first place?

If someone wants to learn more about the game and its endings, they can visit Wikipedia, Wikia, or a plethora of fansites about the game.

PCSX2 Wiki should be about configuration to play the game, not go in-depth about the game's plot.