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Full Version: Problem with Disgaea 2
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When I activate Disgaea 2, everything seems to go fine (aside from it's intro which runs at around 50-55 FPS), and I can play the game at a steady 60 FPS. However, once I play the game for about 5 minutes, the frame rate starts going down, to the point it reaches 40-45 FPS. This does not occur the moment I load up my game (I do not use the quicksave/quick load option, I boot up my games the legitimate way).

Can anyone please help me out with this problem? I'd really appreciate it!
I apologize for the double post, but does anyone know how I can solve this issue? Or is there anything else that I need to mention so my problem can be solved? Thanks!
What system u got? Post a screen of your plugins, your graphic plugin/processor/advanced and speedhack settings..

And its normally that a game gots 60fps in the menu but less fps in bigger areas o,O
I hope if someone have a question about performance issue, he must to share some important info about his specs and all of related with pcsx2 emulation. If only ask without any clue, that doesnt make any sense.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5850 @2.17 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
OS: Windows Vista

PCX2 0.9.6

And to be honest, I'm a bit new to PS2 emulation. What plug-ins would be good for a game like Disgaea 2? And how would speedhacks help my FPS?
You don't usually switch your plugins per game unless you're having serious issues. PCSX2 at its core emulates the PS2, but it needs the plugins to output to the screen, play sound, etc. Think of them as a software version of your monitor and speakers. Speedhacks are little options that you can tick that aren't recommended in general, but can help for specific cases.

The general nature of the problem makes me think its a resource caching issue of some sort, so you might try doing things that give you more video memory. Try lowering your resolution, going fullscreen, disabling Vista's video-intensive effects, etc. Enable some of the graphics options for speed increases in the configuration.

Try quicksaving/loading to see if it helps. If you can quicksave, exit, restart, quickload, and have it immediately be slow, then its an issue with how the game is using resources. If quicksaving, exiting, and loading causes it to run fast for 5 minutes and then slows, that means something in PCSX2 or one of its plugins has a caching issue of some sort.

Your GPU only has 64 MB of memory, and Vista is pretty resource heavy. You probably just need to upgrade your video card.
For 8400Gs it have 256mb or 512mb but with 64bit.
My best tip is to try older versions of pcsx2.
First try the playground release, then maybe 0.9.5 beta then 0.9.4.
Google them if necessary Tongue2