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Full Version: [Bug Report] Puzzle Quest[NTSC]
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PCSX2 835
GSDX 841
CPU Limit
Linuz ISO 8.0 Rev 635
Bios 1.6 Europe

Bug: Presentation is good, but the menu and the game is like this:
Did you try with gsdx software mode? Did you try with zerogs?
Yeah, I tried to ZerroGS!
If you try ZeroGS, enable "16-bits full screen rendering"

This would maybe fix the problem.
[Bug Report] Puzzle Quest[NTSC]

Pcsx2 904
GSDX 887
ZeroGS 634 16bits
Linuz Iso 635
SPU2-X 1.1 681
#Multi threaded GS mode (MTGS)
Game Fixes: None
Speed Hacks: None

My PC:

Windos Vista Ultimate 64bits
AMD64 X2 5600
ATI HD 3650 1g 128Bits
2G DDR2 800 RAM Dual Channel
PCSX2 969
GSDX 1.15 962

remains the same,
but this problem is the emulator or plugin for video?
The game is good is only work!