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Full Version: Guitar Hero 3 crashing
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Hello all,

I just got Guitar Hero 2 to work and now want to move on to Guitar Hero 3 LoR. 

GH2 runs without a hitch but when I load up GH3, I can make it past all the opening titles, I can choose quickplay, a song, and the difficulty but when the actual show starts even before the middle guitar piece shows up, it crashes and PCSX2 becomes unresponsive.

I can add in whatever info you need.
set your VU rounding mode to "Positive", I think, try all 3 other than chop, i cant remember which Tongue you should see the "GS Packet Size Limit Exceeded" messages stop spamming in the console when you get the right one
Trying that now
Setting it to Nearest worked a bit. I can actually play through a song. Often it slows down and then regulates. The audience looks like MissingNo. Theres only only loaded audience texture. Anything else you need?
lol yeh they do, you need to use software mode for the graphics to look correct, you can swap to it quickly by pressing F9
I'm not sure how to do that. Mind giving me a step by step? Thank you for all your help so far.
Quote:Mind giving me a step by step?
Quote:you can swap to it quickly by pressing F9
Step by step guide:

1. Raise arm
2. Extend index finger
3. Move arm so index finger is over F9 key on the keyboard
4. Lower arm until key is completely pressed.
5. Raise arm and return to previous position to Step 1.

Wouldn't it be better to change to the software renderer in the GSDx Video Plugin Setting menu? It only requires mouse clicks, and there's no searching for an obscure button on a keyboard with like a 100 buttons. And you don't need to repeat it every time you start the game.