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Full Version: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix 4:3 resolution [CLOSE]
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This game seems to insist upon having 16:9 widescreen resolution that squishes everything horizontally on my screen and I'm wondering if there is some code that could be used through a pnach file or otherwise, to switch to 4:3.  I see a lot of pnachs for games that render them into widescreen, so it should be reversible, right?

The reason I'm looking for 4:3 is because my monitor isn't widescreen and the emulator doesn't seem to let me change resolutions.  When I try the "custom resolution" option, it just crashes.

Anyone have a solution?

EDIT:  I'm sorry, I found an obvious solution.   just had to change to widescreen under the "GS Window" tab.   Closedeyes