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Full Version: Wildarms 4
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6gm of ram

So, the game gives me fps issues. Not sure what to do :Sad often get 30fps or so. Some areas it drop even lower than that >.<
Your CPU has a STP rating of 1113, which is low for PCSX2. 1600ish is recommended for most games. However with 0.9.8 and a core 2 duo (STP 647) someone got 35-45 FPS in game, so I bet you can at least get close to full speed playing with your settings/speedhacks. Please post your settings and emulog Laugh
How do I do that?

Would this mean I won't be able to play rouge galaxy or dragon quest? Dx
Err if you are using 1.4.0 the emulog is in documents>PCSX2>logs and if you are using a dev build it's in (wherever you saved your dev build folder)>PCSX2 1.5.0-dev-whatever>logs, either add emulog.txt as an attachment or copy/paste the contents into a post. Also with the emulator open if you go config>emulation settings>speedhacks there is a camera button at the bottom left corner, you could upload that picture, and then under config>video (gs)>plugin settings, a screen shot of that as well. And I am not entirely sure But it hink both those other games will probably need more juice to run at full speed, I haven't played either one in forever so i don't remember Tongue

Now I feel ***** for my laptop qq lol.
Well for starters you are using 1.2.1 which is no longer supported, download 1.4.0 or a new dev build from the pcsx2 site Tongue And also with your ee and vu set all the way to 3 you are going to have problems. I would try again on 1.4.0 with default settings and go from there. And I feel you on the computer thing lol my PC was once top of the line, it's almost time to replace it as far as PCSX2 is concerned Laugh
I dug out my copy of wild arms 4 (I had 3, 4, and 5 Laugh ) Played for a while on default speedhacks and 2x native resolution. EE values hover around 60-70% for me but get up to 90ish in spots, so I would assume you could play in native or 2x native res with your ee slider moved up to 1, maybe 2 if 1 doesn't cut it. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out for you Laugh