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Full Version: I meet a serious graphical problem. Please help if you can.
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I am trying to use PCSX2 to play a PlayStation 2 game. It is a racing game. But I meet a graphical problem: Firstly, the menu of the game does not appear. Secondly, after I start racing in the game, the central area on the screen is whole black.

I use GSdx as the graphical plugin. I have tried DirectX 9 Software Mode, DirectX 9 Hardware Mode, DirectX 11 Software Mode and DirectX 11 Hardware Mode. All the results are so.

So, is there anyone who can help me?
(03-30-2016, 03:40 PM)zhoudu Wrote: [ -> ]Hello,

I am trying to use PCSX2 to play a PlayStation 2 game. It is a racing game. 

Which game...I think we all figured that it was a PS2 game simply because PCSX2 is a PS2 emulator. Racing game doesn't help either, since that's about as descriptive as saying I'm in pain. Where's the pain located would be helpful(aka which game?)
We also need to know when you had the pain (which PCSX2 version) and if you were perhaps hammering a nail into your hand at the time (using any non-default settings, like speedhacks or manual gamefixes).
That game is Butt-Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom. It isn't a well-known game. But you can still google about it.

And, I use the newest PCSX2, which is PCSX2 1.4.0, installed by the standalone installer. I don't use any non-default settings.
as said here :

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