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Full Version: God of War [NTCS U/C] freezing
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no matter what settings I use, it keeps freezing after the first "boss" (the big hydra) no matter what I do, I can't get passed the next save point (I can't even save there)

does anyone know a fix for this?
I don't have that issue, I have an alltogether more annoying one. it crashes in a sequence:

after fighting the Hydra (main one) it crashes while moving down the line to the locked door, then it crashes at the save point after than line (trying to save), then after you move after going down again, then before you even hit the line, then it repeats all over again.

the new rev as posted yesterday gets 1 level later, and still have the same basic issue, only in a new place and before the 2nd save point of the level.