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Full Version: Cant Use Savestate (not a crash issue)
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(05-05-2009, 08:43 AM)Lakitu7 Wrote: [ -> ]However, I think moonrajah's first guess was on target. I cannot reproduce this issue on either 984 OR 1059 when VU Cycle Stealing is off. However, I can reproduce it reliably on either when VU Cycle Stealing is set to Medium. It appears that VU Cycle Stealing is at fault. Perhaps it could be temporarily disabled automatically when saving state?
[edit] Forgot to say that my test game is FF12. But, regardless, I imagine that the next step will be for me to build with SVN head and get back to you on if it's reproducable there.

Hi, interesting note there. Since Jake's reply I haven't bothered to check with cycle stealing hack on and off.
So the one million dollar question for tonight is: Is it possible to fix this bug and will anybody look into this issue?
Actually two questions there, but what the hell.

Jake? Anybody?
And the answer is, maybe, in due time.

Do not make requests... it will work when/if it works.
Is this how it looks like when the game dies loading savestates with that hack enabled? :

(05-05-2009, 03:48 PM)rama Wrote: [ -> ]Is this how it looks like when the game dies loading savestates with that hack enabled? :

Something like that. Usually it's either the screen is fitted in only half the space horizontally, or the screen is just totally garbled.
Below is the latter case. And yeah, just checked - with VU cycle stealing off the savestates wrk on build 1059 (latest public beta).

Excellent, I'm glad I was able to help you folks work around the issue too. I'll build latest SVN later today and verify that it's still occurring there (and also test ZeroGS). If so I'll make a formal bug report. The thing I'm not sure about is if this would fall under the class of problem that is "invalid; don't use speed hacks"?
I can't reproduce this anymore in beta 1190, so, thanks. Smile

[edit] Nevermind, I still got it.. just not as reliably.
the problems is old plugin like "ssspsz pad", try lilipad
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