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Full Version: Bios problem. Help plz
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I have installed "Pcsx2 0.9.6".I have found bios from PS2 & put all the bios files in the bios folder of Pcsx2. Then I enter ps2 game (God of war 2) in DVD Drive & run Pcsx2.exe. Then I go "File>Run CD/DVD", it shows
"The specified Bios files was not found. A bios is required for Pcsx2 to run.

File not found
Filename: bios"

How to run successfully ps2 games through Pcsx2 0.9.6??

Thanks in advanced.
Considering your other post was closed for piracy, i doubt you will get any help with in this thread either.
Poor you dude, since your bios already suspected from piracy from old your thread, we do not support you. Try it by your self, my nice advice.