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Full Version: Best Settings
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Okay, so I'm new here, been using psxc2 for a few games for the past couple of years, usually running at bearable speeds with pretty good sound. I have a new computer now, and from what I understand is a lot more powerful than anything else I've tried to play games on. Buuut my games seem to be running at half or lower fps, with horribly choppy sound. This is very much no bueno.

I am trying to play Final Fantasy 10, Final Fantasy 12, and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Now they all run very smoothly during cutscenes, but gameplay is to say the least severely painful. It runs a full 60 fps during cutscenes, and then drops to between 20-40 fps during gameplay or when it starts gearing towards gameplay. Here are my specs,
[Image: 0Cnz344.png]
My graphics card is an NVIDIA Geforce 7300 GS

I used to play Dark Cloud and Final Fantasy 12 on my dad's laptop which had the same processor, half as much ram, and I'm not sure about his graphics card but needless to say it presented better performance than I'm getting on this. When I played on his laptop at least it was near a constant 40-50 fps range, during cutscenes and gameplay.

I want to know if there are any plugins or any specific settings I can adjust the program to so I can run it at (preferably) full speed or at least the 40-50 range I had before. The only game that's running at a decent speed is Dark Cloud. Thank you for your time and please let me know if you need any more information.
That CPU has a low str, which explains the slowness.
Maybe your dad's CPU has a better one. Maybe your older CPU too...

Tinkering with speedhacks could help, and make sure you aren't running above 2x native
At the risk of sounding ill-informed, please define str.
(06-13-2016, 12:25 AM)The_Wraith Wrote: [ -> ]At the risk of sounding ill-informed, please define str.

PassMark Single Thread Rating: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=...Hz&id=1104

You can get an idea of the relative performance of the CPU by comparing it to others in this list.

Edit: timing ._.