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Full Version: Getting back the play-screen?
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Odd question, very quickly.

So I'm running a game, and accidently close the screen. Not the emulator-the game's still running, music's playing through the speakers, the 'Game Running' box is still up. Just the display. And the main control panel did not appear when it closed.

So...How do I get the screen back? I don't particularly wish to shut it off entirely.

Thanks for your time.
If you close the GS window,it's like you closed the emulator...I don't know why you'd close the gs window if you didn't want to shut it down 0_o
well then close pcsx2 in task manager, and make sure you have the "Send Escape on window close" hack set in lilypad Smile (for when that happens again Tongue)
yeah i find this happens to me as well, when i play in window mode I always think pressing X on the window will take me back to emulator but I have to press Escape instead >_<.
yea you can do just do that (i have that hack set cuz sometimes i close it there and sometimes i click esc Tongue), so just set that for when that happens to use again Tongue