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Full Version: Pressure Sensitive DS2?
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Hey everyone, I got a DS/DS2 to USB adapter recently for use with PCSX2. The adapter works great, everything works - buttons, analog sticks, D-Pads, etc. - except for pressure sensitive buttons. I know you can adjust how sensitive they are, but this doesn't work well in Metal Gear Solid 3 - when trying to use any gun (apart from a pistol) you have to lightly hold down on square to ready the gun [and optionally, while doing that, hold L1 to aim down the sights too] and press to fire. The thing is, yes, you could just fire away without aiming, but it's very annoying when you are trying to play other players on original hardware who have the advantage of pressure sensitivity. Close quarters combat (CQC) is also affected by pressure sensitivity. As you can guess by now it's very hard to enjoy the game fully with these niggling issues.

Any help on pressure sensitive DS2s would be appreciated.