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Full Version: No text on full boot browser
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So, I need to get into the browser to format a memcard I created. However when I full boot, all the text options are completely blank.

For reference this is on the latest GIT (1210-g7103707)

System specs are in my Sig and Video card is a GTX 1080.
Nvidia Driver version: 368.81

[Image: P1EATo8.png]
[Image: sEf37nO.png]
[Image: Wgftt1r.png]

Edit: Tried going into software mode, text still non-existent.
Edit 2: Direct11 mode also has non-existant text.

Edit 3: So I made a change to one of my speedhacks (EE clock rate was set to 2: Increase 180%) and that seems to have been the cause. When I returned it back to default 0 text has re-appeared.

While this might be useful information, I have solved my own problem and this thread may be closed.
Thanks for sharing, speedhacks are known to cause issues with the text amongst the devs, hopefully this will help somebody else one day.