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Full Version: What do you guys think PCSX2 will support first
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I just wanted to know peoples opinion if they think that when and if Pcsx2 supports more than two cores will it first support triple or quad straight away?
I doubt it ever will, it would mean a full rework of the code and that ain't gonna happen.

The only way it would use all 4 cores is if you set the gsdx to software rendering.
Read the FAQ.
Quote:No, currently only 2 cores are supported. To make Pcsx2 efficiently use 3 or more cores will require major code changes. So don't ask when quad-core support will be available, since it won't be anytime soon! However, pcsx2 will run fine on your quadcore cpu. It just won't benefit from the extra 2 cores.
I bet it's ps3 / xbox360 support!
More and more devs are getting a quad currently. I think (know) it won't be that long untill we see more active threading attemtps Wink

MI03t1: How should we know now? Let's just say you need a 5 core system, k? Laugh
(04-09-2009, 01:43 PM)rama Wrote: [ -> ]just say you need a 5 core system, k? Laugh
wow Laugh, i wonder what that cpu would be called Tongue (and how the amount would be said, like say quint-core Tongue)
Well i'm pretty sure that "if" (or "when") it supports more than two cores (wich won't be anytime "soon" apparently), it will go for straight four, since there aren't many 3 core processors out there. The logical switch is to go from 2 to 4 cores. I don't think 3 cores will become very popular because even today 4 cores are becoming cheaper every day. 3 core processors are a reality only because of faulty 4 cores. When 1 of the 4 cores of a quad processor becomes factory faulty, instead of trowing it to the garbage, they deactivate one core and sell it as a 3 core processor. But I don't know of any "real", "engineered", "manufactured" 3-core processor. All of them are quads with one core down.

I don't know the technical difficulties but, perhaps they could write the code so it could easily scale on multiple cores starting with two, meaning that the emulator could support both 3 and 4 (and more) cores without needing mayor code rewriting.
The only thing I'm not getting is why we need support for more than 1 core? Granted, I've only played the FF games on the emu but for me that never taxes one of my cores more than 20%, max. There probably are games that are more demanding but are they really that more demanding? I'm hoping for better support and flattening out a few more issues before they tackle such a big rewrite on the code.
To make it more core compatible, it would be a rewrite to do multithreading/multiprocess (win vs linux which makes it more complicated too). I'm sure they'd do it based on how the ps2 actually does it. They don't say "lets make it 3 core, then 4 core later", you make it as many threads as is logical, and anything with fewer cores just does more threads on each core. Then synchronization gets tough. If they go to using more cores, it's going to bring in a whole new set of issues.
We do not support specifically something like 3 or 4 cores.

We add new threads as the progress in emulation allows. The number of cores we don't think beforehand. Of course, the more cores you have, the better.

For now we have 2 threads. Whether that jumps to 3 or to 20, we do not know now.