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Full Version: Stuntman has broken AI logic on 2nd map blocking progress (NTSC-U)
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On the 2nd level, mid way through the course, the AI car always crashes and gets stuck on a fence after missing the opening to the street. See screenshot.

I've tried everything I could to move/block him here, but there's nothing I can do to workaround the issue. Any emu setting ideas?

This has been the case for a long as I have been able to access this level (maybe around a year) and has been repro'd maybe 20+ times.

Note: Game must be played on Software - unplayable gfx/speed on HW.
I believe this is a settings(speedhacks?) issue, because I remember encountering this issue, but I also got past it.
Thanks for the reply, but I just double checked and there are no speed hacks on. All the "Emulation settings" are default.

What else would affect game logic/AI pathing that I could mess with?