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Full Version: Site looks request :)
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Hi there. I have a single request - one that will be good for you. Here is the attachment so please, can you add that small icon I don`t know how do you name it, just to see it in my browser. And that will make the site even better Smile
i wonder how those icons are set. Unsure (any admin care to enlighten me Tongue)
it's a metatag somewhere, even I don't bother with them on my own sites
Actually, it's much more stupid than that. Just add an icon called "favicon.ico" and browser will find it. Problem with this is it can result in tons of redundant requests for the file if you don't have one.
Well it will be great to have one... just better for bookmarks Smile
Not only would you have to add the file in the image folder, you'd also have to put the following code in the head section:

One for the FF, other for the IE browser (the latter one has problems with proper caching of these icons, so they can sometimes disappear for no reason).

I still don`t see that small TRAY-LOOKING icon. But it will be very nice since I am using bookmarks and RSS and these helps a lot.
Of course you don't see it, because no one made these changes .... yet... What I sad was just little technical info about how it works... Tongue
Haha, ok Smile Btw the PCSX2 exe-icon should be great for this if it`s not a Trade Mark of PS2 and SONY Laugh
i had found how it's done (forgot to post it Tongue), but looks like vborovic posted part of it Smile (i'll update this post if i find it)
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