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Full Version: [Bug Report] Tekken Tag Tournament
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Tekken Tag Tournament don't work in the latests builds.Any version, Pal or NTSC.

Now displays a black screen.In OpenGL or D3D.Software or Hardware rendering.No sound.Nothing.

Tried in versions:


Worked OK in:

Can confirm, I reproduced it.
Ok, i'll look into it
I have a feeling this was my fault, can you try 1320 and 1326 ?

if 1320 works and 1326 doesn't, just for giggles can you enable the GIF FIFO gamefix and see if that works?
Works with GIF FIFO gamefix in the very latest build.
Cool, so that did probably break it then, bum :/ It should work as it did before without it! I guess I'll be looking in to that tomorrow Tongue
i tried in version 1382 with Gif Fifo but it freezes ingame, before the fight begins.
yeh i need to look in to it tomorrow.
Maybe an emulog would be useful? Could be the same error as in Everybody's Golf that I spotted Tongue
Nothing appears at all in the emulog. It freezes right after "Update vsync rate" i.e. as soon as the game boots.
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