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Full Version: Dualshock 4 input delay
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Hi there. As the topic title says, I believe I am getting an input lag when using my Dualshock 4 (with the use of InputMapper) to play on PCSX2.

Currently, I'm playing Yakuza and the bloody gameplay is sorta broken because bosses near the end of the game move faster than the player and dodge your move in nearly every way.
So it becomes quite significant when you need to dodge in the next 10 miliseconds or you get hit.

Now, I'm not sure what's the cause of the input delay. I don't know if it's due to my pcsx2 configuration, or if it's due to InputMapper, or if it's the game's engine itself that takes more time than usual to process the button command you press.

The game itself runs at perfect 60fps. My hardware is i7 3770k , GTX 1070, 16gb DDR3 RAM, playing off an SSD. 
Bumping :/
Don't have your real console on. It interferes with the signal even if the controllers you're using aren't paired to it.
lol. Obviously I don't have the real console on. As far as I understand, InputMapper makes the DS4 work through Xinput. Could it be that that's causing the delay?
Do you have any other bluetooth devices on in the area?