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Full Version: Latest GSdx confusion.. orientation needed =P
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Hi people! I just want to know wich one of the following it's the latest GSdx version:


I'm asking these because when you download the latest plugin as of march 31 2009, the betas, the ones supposed to be the latest, you get r868 (check it out):


These are really slow, either because they're beta, or because they're not the latest ones and that information is outdated (but it says 31 march 2009!)

Then you download from the downloads section, you get r887.

But if you download the emulator version 0.9.6 (latest stable version and the "oldest" one compared to the betas) you get r890. Check this here:


So I'm totally lost. Some people tell me the higher the "rxxx" number, the newest the plugin. Then if that's the case why is r890 on the latest "stable" but the last "beta" is r868??? Or does the *lowest* number means the *latest* version?
r890 is the oldest and r887 is the latest (the confusion is because both are from different repositories Smile), r890 is from Gabest's old SVN repository and r887 is from pcsx2's SVN repository (which is why the revision numbers are different Smile)
Ohhh! ok then! That's why I was so confused. Thanks Luis! I'm gonna try r887 then!

Thanks again pal!