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Full Version: low fps, help?
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Hi i'm new to pscx2 i just installed it and when i load need for speed underground 2 when i get into actual game play the fps drops horribly.. can i get help on what settings to choose or what to do about this.. should i be turning aggressive hacks on or whatever?

my computer specs:
cpu - i5 4590 @3.3ghz
ram - 8gb 
gpu - radeon hd 7800 series 

please and thanks in advance
You'll need to enable HW hacks, and set skipdraw to 1 in Configure Hacks.
Also make sure the mtvu speedhack is enabled. The game is pretty heavy on the cpu
ok i'll try this

EDIT: here's a screenshot of my settings.. is this safe?
[Image: jFS3OW3.png]
moving the notch to aggressive makes it playable
won't be safe.
expect some crashes. but at lest,, you get the speed you wanted Wink